Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Why is that when we see someone talking out loud to themself we assume they're crazy? Ok, before cellphones came along, since now you can't tell if someone appearing to talk to themself is actually doing that or on a call, but still if they were just talking with themself, why do we call them crazy, but when someone says they talk to God, they're not crazy?

Since when does it matter who the imaginary friend is the person is talking with when they are talking to themself? Why is God the only one someone can talk with themself where we don't consider them crazy? Isn't the idea of talking to an imaginary universal supreme being crazy?

Wouldn't you think they needed a reality check talking to this imaginary "friend" to help them regain some sense of sanity? Wouldn't it be better if they talked to someone who actually spoke back, like in person than their imagination?

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