Sunday, October 14, 2012


This last week I bought Woodstock's (company name) Tibetan prayer chimes, seen left. I love the sound and resonance from them and now sit outside my office window under an eave protected from the fierce winds from the north and west which we often experience and chimes gently in southwest winds over the wall a few feet away.

This means they don't chime too much or too often and always fade with their beautiful resonance. They'll be quiet for a while, even a long spell, and then with a slight breeze, their quiet sounds resonant like they're enveloping the world around you and all you hear are the sounds.

They have a quiet way of gently being there during the night to share your restful sleep. And even in a strong wind, they barely move, just enought to softly chime.

The tag which explains the chimes reads as follows:

"The enchanting sounds of this chime take the listener on a musical journey across the landscape of time. It is tuned to the five tones that make sup the principal motif of a work by the great Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu. Commissioned for the Canadian group NEXUS and the Boston Symphony Orchestra to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Carnigie Hall, From me flows what you call Time features two large custom sets of Woodstock Chime. The chimes are suspended above the audience and activated by colored ribbons - representing Tibetan prayer flags - that extend from the chimes to the performer on the stage."

This is the music notes of the chime.

A portion of the sale of the chimes goes to support the Tibet House US.

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