Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I was running some errands today after an appointment where I ended up at my favorite grocery store, the Metropolitan Market in Proctor, a northern suburb of Tacoma, Washington. I finished shopping and taking the groceries to the van, and went back from my double shot mocha.

While standing there I was suddenly taken by all the activity around me. I went blank and just stood there and let my mind absorb all the sights, sounds, smells, etc., especially the people. Just watching and listening to all the people going about their lives seemingly oblivious to everything else outside their attention.

It was an interesting experience to just stand there taking it all in, and reminding me it's something we rarely, if ever for some people, do, to see the world around them realizing you're just one of many, and to imagine the greater immediate and bigger world beyond your own.

The grocery store is the best place to see the world, the whole expanse of human geography on a global scale to bring you all those products and all those people working there with all the customers going about their lives in one place, where you are.

It's a gentle reminder of the whole world we live, all there before you, if only we pay attention.