Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Damage Done

If you're thinking of what to say to someone about something they said, remember this:

Words in thought can always be changed for be better.
Words spoken can not be changed.
The damage is done.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Love - A thought

Love does not know age, it only knows the human heart.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The ordinary man

In the mornng an ordinary man picked up his basket and left his home and family to go to the market in the nearby town. He always knew it was always a long day's walk to town and back each week but it was what he did for his family. And he always knew his basket was always heavy on the walk home.

But it never detered from the walk for as much as he loved his family, home and farm, he loved the walk on the road, he loved the time in town, and he loved the walk home to see his family. When he was done this week and his basket full of food and goods he started the walk home. Just outside of town he met a priest walking the road to the next town.

The priest had finished his work in town and was on his way to the next town, a long day's walk for him. He cherished the walk as he cherished the work in town, always people to meet and travel with, if only part of the way on his or their journey. So he asked the ordinary man if he could walk with him and share the time and a conversation.

The ordinary man agreed and the two walked the road over the miles. At one point the priest noticed the basket and asked the man if he could carry some of the goods in the basket to lighten his load. The man replied that he was fine as the words from the priest strengthened his heart and lightened his load.

When the two got to the place where the trail to the ordinary man's property left the road they stopped. The man set down his basket while the priest thanked him for sharing his time and words with him. The ordinary man reached into his basket to pickup a loaf of hard bread. He handed it to the priest saying he will need it on the long journey ahead.

The priest replied he was a simple priest and lived on modest means and such a loaf was far too much for him. The ordinary man said he knew but he also knew there will be many people on his journey who will need it. And with it he picked up his basket and walked the trail to his home and the priest, looked at the loaf, put it in his satchel and continued on his journey.

Another Thought

Be careful of the man who gives a judgement of something specific from general experience or knowledge, for he doesn't know if it's really true or just something he thinks is true. It's the old adage, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

A thought

I would rather learn from a man who says he knows nothing than from a man who says he knows everything. The man who says he knows nothing will always teach you something new, but the man who says he knows everything will only teach you what he knows. The man who says he knows nothing will always question what he learns, but the man who says he knows everything will never question and always believe what he knows is true, whether it is or not.