Monday, November 28, 2011


Simply because you think or say something is does not establish or ensure that it is, only it is in your mind, but not in reality or the world. It is means it is for everyone as known and exists. Whether you agree or not or whether you want it to be something else does not change the fact it is. Simply it is, and not what you want to think or believe it is, but that it by itself is. Just is.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gotta love this

Sometimes I wonder if I'm missing something or not, but there are times I love some statements. Like?

When the weather person said, "There's a 100% chance of precipitation."

Ok, but 100% isn't a chance but a certainty. It's going to rain. Kinda' like, "There's a 100% chance you will die sometime in your life. Yeah, like at the end of it. But hey, just maybe there's a zero chance of something else?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The richness of our life is not measured by our possesions but by our experience, through our graciousness and generosity in the world and toward other people. It is how we are judged, not by what's in our pocket but by what's in our heart.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Gift of Generations

The gift of generations only works when the wisdom and experience of age is shared with the wonder and joy of youth. Shared with each other, not given one to another but through their shared experience of learning together.


To ask question to seek answers is good. To keep asking question when you have an answer is better. To always ask questions when answers appear absolute is best. It's not about answers, it's about asking questions. Answers arise from questions. Questions should always arise from answers. It's not what we know, but what we seek to know. Always asking the questions.


Wonder is not a gift someone can give you. Wonder is what you give yourself, and someone can only show you what you already have and can do anywhere anytime. They can only show you the opportunity within yourself to see, to learn, to ask and to grow. The simple joy of wonder. What you do with it is what defines you.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Everybody has to be somebody, someone unique from all the rest of us, all 7 billion on the planet as of October 31st. Seven billion unique identities, individuals, common in many ways of being human and still different in many small ways of being a person. No one like ever before or will be again.

A moment of existence in time and then a memory in history, forgotten in the billions of everybody else. The best we can do is just be and leave the rest to life as we have no idea what's ahead for us, only what has been. Our experience and memory of everybody else we met. It's all we have, like all the other 7 billion today.