Wednesday, February 22, 2012


War should always be the last choice of any nation, and only then when there are no other measures to avoid it. War only benefits the few who argue for it and who profit from it. It is those who fight it and the many who are its victims, there and here, who know and experience the price and cost of it with their lives and their families.

War isn't about patriotism or country. It's about people, the people who live it and live with it. The soldiers who go with the false trust the government and politicians are right and then fight and often die for a cause or reasons they little understand. The people where it's fought who face and fight for their survival every day. The people back home who face the worry of their loved one and experience the pain of those lost or injured in war.

War is what it is, ugly, when winning is never certain and always costly and losing creates revenge and is always costly. And always costly to the many victims; the soldiers and the people. And why it should never be fought unless there is no other choice. It should always be a debate about people, not ideals.

Ideals don't fight wars or live with them. People do. Those who argue for war and those who profit from it rarely, if ever, fight it or experience it as a victim. They know to avoid the realities of it, and leave that to the many; the soldiers and the people. They know to lie about it so others will believe them and fight for them.

War should only be fought by those who argue for it. Maybe the next war will be seen differently, before it's fought.

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