Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Obvious

Some thoughts on the obvious.

What do we all get? Older. Unless of course, something else happens along the way, like death.

What we try to leave behind in our life will always follow us, a permanent shadow in our memory.

What we think is resolved is never resolved. Nothing is ever resolved, just changed to be different.

Death is relative. Some people postpone it until the end of their life, and some live it to the end of their life.

Life is also relative. Relative to the life lived.

There are always choices. It's what makes us a thinking person, knowing we always have those choices.

God is everything and nothing. God exists but doesn't exist. God is what we imagine, and nothing else.

Always write your life in pencil, it's easier to change for the better. Others will use pens.

Judgement in hindsight is handy, but only looking in hindsight. Foresight requires imagination and judgement.

Being and doing are one of the same, and neither can be nothing for they are each always something.

Presences and absence are one of the same view, just different perspectives.

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