Monday, July 14, 2008


Ok, it's about God, but not your God, my God. And really two faces of my God, the serious one who is the soul of our faith, the indefineable reason we do things and sometimes make decisions, and the other, the imaginary one who invented and runs the universe, except it's not the same as most people think.

You see God is a the CEO of Universe Inc., the head of "the" corporation of the whole ballgame of everything. The corporation has subsidaries, division, companies, etc., the whole bureauracy of running the universe, except their names were based on astronomy, species, thoughts and ideas, ethics and morality, etc., and God has a Board of Directors who oversee the grand plan and ensure the tenets of the corporations aren't broken.

Remember God inherited Universe Inc. He was recruited by the fomer owners who needed a CEO after the last Big Bang where everything was collapsed into a black hole and then exploded into a whole new universe, which version we'll never know since everything was destroyed and recreated anew. So, God was hired, after which God needed a staff, God couldn't run it alone.

So God created a corporate-government style management team and approach where there is no money but just the value of being and doing good. But God knew that doesn't always work, so God and Universe Inc. has branches that ensures everything is monitored and reported. God can't intervene, God can vaguely suggest in your mind.

You see in this version of the universe the Really Big Entities who hired God decided to limit his power to control. The RBE built the framework, eg. laws of physics, evolution, and so on, called our science, and decided to limit his intervention powers. God is only allowed to start things in motion, like Earth, and let things happen. The rest is up to us or whenever we get these vague notions or messages from God.

And so I have these imaginary conversations and discussion with God, God's personal secretary and staff with the various heads of each branch, divisions, companies, subsidaries, offices, etc., kinda' just like we all have in our work and life, dealing with all the situations, circumstances, problems, etc. which happen when you set something in play and it all goes awry.

The problem is that God, his staff and everyone else in Universe Inc. thinks at the speed of light, or close to it, so I have to stretch the conversation out where us mere mortal can comprehend and understand. Such as we are, limited by our initial rules of being and by evolution. Sorry to all you Intelligent Design, aka. Creationism, folks, we're the products of physics and chemistry with evolution.

And so you know, God is never down or blue. God might be upset, but then God can't change the rules of the game. God can only gives hints and hope the person getting one or more, actually is listening and heeds them. Otherwise, God chalks it up to us. God tried, we didn't. It's these conversation God has with the staff that pop into my mind and spill out through the fingers to the screen and into words expressing ideas.

And as Rusty Wallace so aptly said, "Stay tuned Hot Rod, we're just getting started."

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