Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Random Chance

Our individual life, our own existence, is random chance. The series of random events which gave birth to us as an individual, a person to live, hopefully, as best we can. The results of our efforts is the result of ourself, the times we live in and the experience we face and then act.

Our life could have been at any time and place in history, and it is only random chance that it occurred when it did, and the real question each of us must answer is what we do with our life, those moments we have. What do we think and feel. What do we decide. And what do we actually do.

And that isn't random chance. We are here by random chance but we don't act randomly or by chance, and we will depart this life by random chance. It's what in between life and death that makes the difference.

Everything else is random chance.

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