Friday, December 21, 2012

Being Nice

If you are different from the norms society sees, wants, expects and often accepts, people may be nice to you because either they're just being polite to hide their dislke, even hate, for you or your choices in life, or they truly accept you as a person and may even want and like you as a friend.

The difference is always hard to tell at first and even long afterward as people often hide, even disguise, their true feelings about you with politeness. You may never know until in those moments of quiet comfort with them, they'll relax and be your friend.

And then you know they don't just accept you, they are your friend. They won't be politely nice anymore, they'll be what friends are, themselves with you and you are with them. Cherish them as they will be few in number and in the years between new friends.

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