Monday, October 31, 2011

Just One

One person's view, namely yours when the discussion is personal to you, is just that, one view. One person's experience is not everyone's experience. One person's view is not everyone's view. So no one should assume their view is better or right. It's just different.

Never criticize someone's different view solely on the basis of your view. They have the right to their view as much as you have to yours. We argue for the freedom to hold our own view and express that view. We can't argue that doesn't apply to everyone too. It does, and we should always be cognizant of that right and respectful of their view.

The point is that we should always be willing to stand and listen to the diversity of views while holding our own, and even expressing it, and maybe learn more about ourselves, others and the world. Our view isn't gospel and doesn't fit everyone, for they may think the same about their view and you.

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