Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Death in hindsight

Ok, not so bright, but why do we like to express something we had to do or we would die? When is death an excuse or a reason for doing something else? And if the person didn't do or didn't say what they did, instead of death, would they have died? Obviously not because they certainly wouldn't have taken their own life or do something which makes someone else take their life.

So why is it used? In the end we still die from whatever condition, circumstances or situation, and we die whether or not we said or did what we felt we had to then. It won't matter in our death. It won't matter beyond that moment we made the decision or acted as we did. Yet, we like to say it wasn't a conscious choice, or it was but the choices were it or death. But it's always in hindsight.

We knew then before we decided or acted we wouldn't die. We knew it because we didn't think about it as either that or death. We simply decided and acted. But rather than say we made the best choice or took the best course of action because it was the best at the time from what we knew then. Death was the farthest thing in our mind.

So, why do some people like to use death as an excuse for not trusting and believing in themselves?

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